Zeroth Complex

A Game Developer/Enthusiast's site.

Professional Work

I have work experience of 2 year in Unity3D, prior i worked for a service based mobile game development company and currently i am working for a product based home automation company.

While working in these companies, i gained extensive knowledge of Unity3D, game development, application development and mobile specific development. Other than development i experienced the start-up culture, and, how a company sprouts from a seed.

Due to my good command on Unity3D as well as programming, i led the design, research and development of projects.

Thinqbot Technologies

Worked as Application developer, worked and collabrated with hardware,middleware and software teams.


A home automation 3D interactive application for Android/IOS.

DazzledApps Pvt. Ltd.

Worked as Game developer, led the team of developers and designers. Handled the client's requirements and milestone delivery.

Battle bounce dude and Slash Map

Straight Drive

Mountain View


Flapping Dead

Mountain View

Personal Work

While working, i sought to improve my self by learning more about game development, mobile development and Unity. Read many blogs, wiki, unity manual and watched videos such as of Unite confrence. I started several independent side projects, to test my limits, but only one of them i was able to complete.

Hopping Dog

A game which i made as a side project to test Google play deployment and Google play API. It took total 8 hours of work, including art, development and deployment.